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John Conti® devotes itself to cultivating relationships with farmers across the world, ensuring we import only the highest quality coffees and teas. Our commitment to not only superiority but also diversity among our coffees and teas allows us to provide select products that consistently surpass expectations. Dedication to excellent products and exemplary customer service serves as the foundation of our business and continues to further our imprint as an industry leader.


JohnConti-COFFEETo better fulfill the needs of our customers, we have evolved into a full-service beverage company that offers an extensive line of products and services. These include bottled water, water filtration systems, natural and artificial sweeteners, creamers, flavoring, and paper products. We serve clients in every realm of business, the most common settings being restaurants, offices, factories, and convenience stores. Our comprehensive and ever-growing list of services can satisfy any beverage needs of any business at any time.


Coffee | Tea | Water

As a small-batch, artisan coffee roaster, we craft a blend for every palate. Comprehensive coffee services are offered in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and beyond.

We offer full-service water programs including filtration systems, dispensers, and bottled water sourced from our local facility in Kentucky.

Contea® contains only the highest quality tea leaves imported from Anhui, China. Our iced tea is served in popular restaurants nationwide.

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Order John Conti® coffees and teas online or purchase in select grocers like Krogers, Houchens, IGA, and Price Less Stores.